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The Best Google Meet Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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Going forward, for businesses to stay on the cutting edge of technology and be competitive, it’s critical to choose a group communication app that shines the best light on your company. Whether small or mid-size, the way in which your organization communicates with employees, clients, and other companies determines the quality of your working relationships and growth.

Choosing the right video conferencing platform that complements your business is essential. That open line of communication is your entry into the minds of clients and the hearts of customers. Staying connected in an online world is where everyone is headed. If you’ve been using Google Meet as your video conferencing go-to, you know first-hand how collaboration and culture intersect.

Google Meet is a business-oriented video conferencing app that caters to small to medium-sized businesses. But if you’re wondering what other options are out there, there’s an important question you should be asking yourself:

Is Google Meet The Best Choice For My Online Business Conferencing Needs?

If you’re looking to grow and scale your small to medium-sized business whether online, in person, or both, you should know what other options exist. Firstly, consider what your organization values most. Are you looking to better enable your digital workforce? Do you need to simplify processes and tighten up project management? Do you want to promote better company culture and communication? Provide better value?

Video conferencing that supports your vision and values will set you ahead of the crowd. But is it Google Meet that will get you there? As part of the Google behemoth, the video conferencing solution appeals to Google users who are already subscribers. The Google-centric setup only functions on the Chrome browser which may be a huge downside for some businesses that rely on Firefox, UC Browser, and Safari. Plus, it comes with a set amount of features, leaving out essentials like the online whiteboard and annotation.

Want an upgrade? It’s time to consider another option.

Enter Callbridge: The Best Google Meet Alternative

With Callbridge, you can expect a state-of-the-art video platform that comes loaded with reliable, high definition audio and video capabilities. Shortening the distance between virtual and in-person meetings, Callbridge empowers excellent web conferencing for a multitude of industries including:

Callbridge offers reliable access to remote locations, allows for continuing medical education for staff and patients, connects healthcare professionals across a broad network, helps to expedite referrals, and more.

Encourage teachers and inspire students. Teach and learn with accelerated online courses that broaden the learning experience, make education more flexible, and increase course matter stimulation.

Callbridge captures detailed descriptions when discussing key metrics and daily tips with managers and investors. Enrich the customer experience to build relationships and forge trust, and create human-centric interactions using video calling for follow-ups and appointments.

Take a look at Callbridge versus Google Meet:


Deluxe PlanPro Plan

Absolute Availability

Meeting Participants100150
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Unlimited Usage On Worldwide Dial-In Numbers
Premium & Toll-Free (800) Numbers
Mobile Apps

High-Caliber Productivity

Conference Summaries & Search
Audio & Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing
Meeting Chat
Live Video Streaming (YouTube)
Online Whiteboard
Moderator Controls
Sentiment Analysis

Branding & Personalization

Branded Online Meeting Room
Branded Subdomain
Custom Branding (Logo, Colors, Theme)
Personalized Greeting

Serious Security

Security Code
Meeting Lock
One-Time Access Code

Additional Features

Admin Console
SMS Notifications
PIN-less Entry
Recording Storage5Gb
Support levelPhone/
Price Per Month Per Host (for feature match)$29.99$64/month
*$14.00/month for plan and $50/month for Toll Free Numbers

What Makes Callbridge The Best Google Meet Alternative In 2021?

Callbridge’s robust web conferencing platform is business-ready to accommodate and scale a growing organization. Full of high-end features to provide seamless video conferencing and conference calling, Callbridge’s exceptional, award-winning communication technology shortens the distance between sender and receiver to accelerate collaboration and engagement.

Use the range of features to video chat with anyone from anywhere at any time. Plus, with browser based, zero-download technology, you don’t have to worry about equipment for setting up. Callbridge comes fully loaded with the click of a button from any device, including your laptop, and desktop. Enjoy the mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Absolute Availability
  • From wherever you are, Callbridge is there:
  • High definition video and audio conferencing in a streamlined solution
  • Host webinars in real-time
  • Optimize any space to be SIP compatible
  • Use the mobile app to join a meeting on the go

Callbridge Empowers Two-Way Communication

Feel confident using technology that connects you across space and time. Use the platform as is, or fit it into your already existing app using its customizable video conferencing API integration capabilities. Either way, you get the full benefits of using an acclaimed platform:

Multiple cutting edge features ensure your conversations stay confidential. Callbridge invites you to convene without the fear of intrusion.

Meeting Transcriptions Through AI
Use Callbridge’s signature feature Cue ™to automatically create transcriptions of all your recorded meetings. Cue™identifies speakers and learns as it goes.

Custom Branding
Add your company’s colors, themes and logo to the layout and interface design of your virtual meeting environment.

As The Best Google Meet Alternative, Callbridge Lets You Enjoy The Same Features:

Callbridge Can Be Integrated Into Your Online Business To:

Provide High Value

Appear polished and professional with technology that gives you the opportunity to shine. Reliable, easy to use, and intuitive, Callbridge makes it frictionless to make a good first impression so you can sell, connect and forge valuable working relationships.

Create Cohesion Across The Digital Workforce

When everyone is using the same platform, whether in the same city or across the ocean, you can expect your team to be on the same page. A unified front lessens redundancy, saves resources and encourages teamwork.

Enrich Company Culture

Whether onboarding a new hire or retaining valued employees, maintain the integrity of your company’s culture across multiple offices and different departments. Keep the morale high with online meetings and recorded webinars.

If you’re seeking an alternative to Google Meet that is effective, dependable, comes with features that lead to great conversations; If you want to move your business in the direction of your dreams; If you want technology that makes your vision a reality – the answer is crystal clear.

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