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The Best Webex Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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Choosing a web conferencing platform that meets the needs of your growing business takes a little bit of searching around. It’s no smooth feat to just pluck one out from what’s available. Deciding which one to go with involves looking at the cost involved, feature list, ease of use, security options, participant limits, customer service and so much more.

Plus, it’s about determining the needs of your business. Catering to what’s required might look very different from what your competitor needs. It’s all about figuring out where you spend most of your time, what your goals are and which video conferencing platform can make that happen for you.

Staying connected and available requires fast, efficient and simple technology. You’ve probably heard of Webex. They’re one of the larger conference calling platforms with many different plans and offerings to appeal to your business. But for such a large company to be so expensive, is Webex worth it? At $36 a month for a participant limit of up to 200 people, is that the best use of your business’ budget?

Webex is a key player in the industry, but if you’re wondering what other options are out there, there’s an important question you should be asking yourself:

Is Webex The Best Choice For My Online Business Conferencing Needs?

If you’re looking for a video conferencing platform to support the growth of your business, ensure teams work as a unified front, and empower how customers interact with your brand, then you need a video conferencing system that is focused on nurturing communication. It should be uncomplicated for anyone to navigate. But just how user friendly is Webex?

Webex might be a huge provider, but it just isn’t easy to use. Booking meetings doesn’t always give the correct user interface, user navigation doesn’t refresh even after a host has joined, and integrations like Outlook aren’t seamlessly compatible. Plus, it’s pricey and doesn’t accommodate larger groups.

Ready for something else? It’s time to consider another option.

Enter Callbridge: The Best Webex Alternative

Working with Callbridge means your communication strategy is top notch. Straightforward commands and an intuitive user interface that keep online meetings on track are the standard. See how customers and employees react to streamlined connections that strengthen working relationships. With absolute availability, high-powered productivity, superior administrative features, integrations, meeting security and a full range of sophisticated features, you can move your business forward and without friction.

Callbridge’s exceptional technology empowers many industries including:

For any law firm to thrive, client communication is at the epicenter of success. Grow your firm, onboard more clients, gain referrals and sharpen your communication skills as a lawyer using feature-rich video conferencing to help you create a name for yourself in the industry.

Communities prosper when a nonprofit’s vision is brought to life. Reach your goals with Callbridge’s intelligible but sophisticated platform. Stay connected to your committee, panel and volunteers. You can pitch to donors online and lift projects off the ground using Callbridge to deliver state-of-the-art web conferencing.

Callbridge helps you get it done – faster. Lessen your time-to-market by relying on Callbridge to support all phases of your product, from conception to delivery with superior features, high participant capacity and zero download technology.

What Makes Callbridge The Best Webex Alternative In 2021?

Callbridge is the award-winning web conferencing platform designed to be intuitive and simple to use without sacrificing quality and style. Enjoy high-quality video and audio capabilities across all devices including mobile with the app for Android and iOS. Experience accelerated collaboration and spiked engagement when Callbridge leads online communication.

Callbridge Simplifies Connection

See how seamless it is to connect confidently. Experience online meetings that are easy to schedule, invite, and host. Choose a plan that works for you so you can enjoy the following features that make connecting online the second best thing to being in person:

Speaker Spotlight
Use this setting to manage a key speaker’s lecture or presentation for all meeting participants to see and interact with.

Speaker and Gallery Views
Get a front row seat and experience multiple vantage points. Choose to focus on one speaker or select to view thumbnails of all participants on the call.

Moderator Controls
As the host, you can direct the flow of the call by setting the tone for the session: Mute and unmute all, chat in Presentation Mode, assign multiple moderators, select raised hands, block and remove participants and more.

As The Best Webex Alternative, Callbridge Lets You Enjoy The Same Features:

Callbridge Works Alongside You To:

Simplify Online Meetings

Callbridge makes it painless to schedule and join meetings on the spot or in advance. With a click of a button, you can invite participants, send out SMS notifications, and attend meetings on the go from your mobile device.

Accommodate Small And Large Groups

Have a small and intimate online meeting or cater to a large group of 250+ in the form of a webinar, remote presentation or keynote lecture.

Maintain Brand Integrity

Bolster the success of your brand when the web conferencing platform you use to attract clients and connect with management and employees is reliable, effective and available anytime, from anywhere.

If you’re seeking an alternative to Webex that streamlines communication to fortify how work gets done, meetings get hosted and employees collaborate; If you want your video conferencing platform to push the growth of your business; If you want user friendly design that brings people closer together instead of further apart – the answer is crystal clear.

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