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The Best Microsoft Teams Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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With such a rapid switch in learning behavior, it can be overwhelming to process which video conferencing solution best suits the needs of your online course. Whether affiliated with an institution or designed by you for your online business, course material, curriculums, and overall education has had to adapt to be suitable for online learning.

The future of education is shaped when collaboration, participation, and engagement are rolled up into one system that brings students together through voice and video chat. Connecting eager learners from around the world through their desktops and mobile devices affects student enrolment, engagement, and overall graduation. When voice and video chat become the key focus, learning skyrockets.

If you want to face the “new normal” with an alternative to Microsoft Teams to ensure your online course does more than just stay afloat, then there’s an important question you should be asking yourself:

Is Microsoft Teams The Best Choice For My Educational Conferencing Needs?

To engage and inspire students online, effective learning starts when the technology is approachable, intuitive, and easily accessible. Students, educators, staff, and administrators can all benefit from apps and integrations that create seamless connections. Browser-based technology provides fast, equipment-free access from any device, but what else gets students excited and ready to learn?

With teachers and educators having run into blocks using Microsoft Teams like lack of organization throughout the user interface and navigation; Videos that require long downloading and uploading times that lead to unusable extra-large files; National delays with the chat function, and more, it begs the question, can you trust a group communication platform that compromises cohesion and usability?

It’s crucial for learners to feel that their education, whether solely or partially online, feels like a high-quality learning experience. How can a video conferencing platform work to encourage trust while learning? Can students access their login easily and connect to their courses without a problem?

Plus, let’s not forget how much students rely on feeling connected to their peers and professors to truly absorb what they’re learning. Premium transmission and streaming functionality that delivers high-performing, high definition, and lag-free video and audio quality is the difference between learning that resonates and learning that falls short.

Enter Callbridge: The Best Microsoft Teams Alternative

Enjoy first-class audio, video, and web conferencing that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world meetings, perfect for professional and personal use, from office to home and in online classrooms.

Whether your business is running a large online school or you’re just getting your first course up and running, Callbridge’s feature-rich technology delivers lightning-fast connections, safeguarded with 128-bit encryption, and comes with reliable high-definition audio and video capabilities.

What Makes Callbridge The Best Microsoft Teams Alternative In 2021?

Callbridge is the award-winning two-way communication platform that uses cutting-edge virtual security measures, so you can trust the technology that keeps your online course growing and your students engaged from onboarding to graduation.

Voice And Video Integrations:

  • Crisp and Clear Audio
  • High Definition Video
  • Synchronized With Zero Lag Time

Callbridge Makes Learning Flexible And Versatile

Callbridge’s painless video conferencing platform supports video collaboration on any device. Enjoy customization, versatility, and scalability with high definition audio and 1080p video resolution delivered in real-time – disruption and lag-free.

Meeting Transcriptions Through AI
Cue™ is Callbridge’s signature feature that automatically creates transcriptions of recorded lectures, seminars, and group sessions using auto tags and speaker tags to help filter through and keep your meetings organized and accessible.

Screen Sharing
Professors can share their screen for remote presentations that are exciting, engaging, and highly demonstrative. Also perfect for tutoring and for leading study groups.

Online Whiteboard
Use colors, images, videos, and online drawing tools to map out ideas, and brainstorm concepts amongst multiple participants.

As The Best Microsoft Teams Alternative, Callbridge Lets You Enjoy The Same Features:

Callbridge Can Be Integrated Into Your Educational Course To:

Empower Presentations

Put together online presentations that pack a punch using Screen Sharing that “shows” instead of “tells.” Incorporate documents, spreadsheets, infographics, and more to guide participants through your demonstration, and group, or solo presentation.

Go On Class Trips

Use voice and video for informal learning experiences that get learners exploring the outside world online. From the tombs of Ancient Egypt to a surgery room streamed in real-time, learners are given the opportunity to be in two places at once.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Pre-recorded sessions give professors the versatility to record now so students can watch later. This means lectures and classes don’t always have to be attended in real-time. Both educators and students are provided the flexibility of teaching and learning according to their own availability and schedule.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Microsoft Teams that is effective, simple to use and connects teachers to students all over the world; If you rely on video conferencing to learn new skills, gain an education or teach the minds of the future; If you want high definition audio and video that works and comes through without a hitch – the answer is crystal clear.

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