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9 Ways to Improve Team Productivity and Efficiency

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Group of three people crowded around a laptop on work desk in sunny workspace, chatting and writing in notebookImagine if we had 25 hours in a day. How would your company optimize that extra 60 minutes? How much would team productivity skyrocket? There are probably a thousand ways you could make the most of that time.

Sadly, since no one has more time than the next person, it comes down to using what you’ve been given as efficiently as possible, especially in regards to team productivity. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, right?

Read on for a few ways to boost how your team works collectively and how you can optimize strategies already put in place, but first:

What does team productivity mean?

Team productivity refers to how effective your team is at not wasting time, effort and resources. When quality, efficiency and quantity are balanced, productivity is created. This means that:

  • A good amount of tasks are completed on time
  • Tasks and deliverables are done well and with integrity
  • High priority items are met with care and consideration

When time and effort are met with focus, productivity is a natural result. The fastest way to get to productivity without wasting time and effort is via clear and concise communication.

What factors impact team productivity?

Business casual woman leaning on one arm against work table while holding an open laptop and reading from it with the other armOf course there are plenty of variables when it comes to supporting how your team functions. There are some things you can’t change like a global pandemic, for example. However, there are many factors you can change like communication habits, goals, employee engagement, working environment, company culture, etc.

Here are a few strategies to jumpstart and encourage productivity regarding factors that are completely within your control:

  • Discuss Expectations
    Who is doing what? What are the ground rules? When are the deadlines? What’s the desired result? From the beginning, ensure team members are aware of roles and duties, and the benchmarks along the way. Is the team required to attend online meetings regularly? Do emails need to be responded to immediately? Is a video chat prioritized over an email thread? Keep communication clear and be upfront about what’s important to you with frequent check ins to avoid missing the point.
  • Onboard Talent That Fits Company Culture
    Onboarding means your team is growing and so will business! The interview and candidate selection process can take a lot of time and effort, so ensure your online meeting is rich with interview questions that provide you a better understanding of their experience, work ethic and ability to keep up with the flow of the company. Let them know some of the current projects that are happening and bring in their potential new manager into the video conference for a meet and greet.
  • Provide Or Seek Training To Develop Skill Sets
    Invest in the people who already work for you and who have proven their loyalty. Not only does this bolster team productivity, it also significantly improves retention. Determine the skills of your employees and the skills your company requires to figure out the best course of action. A gap analysis will point out what needs to happen next, but remember to get their feedback about what they want to grow, otherwise, no one will participate. Hire a coach to lead masterminds or small group sessions via video conferencing, or find online training options using Lynda.
  • Promote Achievements And Recognition
    When an employee knows they are valued for their hard work, they will continue to behave in that way. Try celebrating their achievement in a company wide email, or announcing it at the beginning of an online meeting. Allow for an early leave on Friday or use an app like Bonusly to celebrate small and large wins. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a birthday shoutout in Slack!
  • Create A Feedback Loop
    Believe it or not, people actually do appreciate feedback but only when it’s given in a way that is constructive and delivered with thought and care. High quality feedback can completely transform group dynamics and lead to better team productivity. Try to avoid sweeping generalizations and instead focus on performance and behavior. Choose to provide appreciative feedback in public, and offer opportunity feedback in a 1:1 chat.
  • Make Online Meetings More Valuable
    Be selective about who needs to show up to an online meeting. Outline an agenda beforehand, be punctual and record the meeting when appropriate for those who couldn’t attend. End with well-articulated action items so everyone is on board with what needs to get done without wasting time.
  • Correct Workflow Issues
    Take a little time to identify where there are blocks in your team’s overall productivity. Is it with communication? Try a 15-minute standup meeting instead of something more formal when you need to discuss quick updates and announcements. Is it more of a backend problem like invoicing and payroll? Try looking into automating these kinds of activities to free up time and space.
  • Prioritize Employee Health
    When mind, body and spirit are aligned, you can expect top tier team productivity. Try flexible working hours, collaborative online meetings at reasonable times, use ergonomic and comfortable furniture, and encourage a wellness program.
  • Use The Right Digital Tools
    Your team’s productivity depends on the arsenal of digital tools you have available. Select technology that empowers you with choice and brings everyone closer together. Use project management tools and a video conferencing solution with multiple features, and high quality audio and video capabilities to give your team the upper hand.

Foreground view of man working on laptop at satellite work desk in modern workspace with woman in background seated at another tableWith Callbridge’s superior video conferencing platform, you can experience a heightened sense of team productivity and efficiency. Let its suite of features like Screen Sharing, AI Transcription and Online Whiteboard provide streamlined communication for an unparallelled workflow. Allow your team to feel supported and in touch with one another via state-of-the-art video conferencing that ramps up team productivity to present you at your best.

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