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Callbridge and Your Bottom Line

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This is the first in a series of blog posts on conferencing cost management, and how Callbridge can help.

More than a decade ago, audio conferencing was a standardized service offered by the telecom department in any medium or large sized business.  A couple of folks internally managed a bridge, owned by the business, and charged back expenses to individual departments.

Then along came communications convergence.

Today, many companies no longer have a dedicated telecom group.  That responsibility has moved over to the IP department, and increasingly telecom is being outsourced.

The problem with this scenario is that the shift from a mostly fixed-cost solution, used by 90% of businesses, to a highly variable-cost outsourced solution has provided inherently less visibility into who is using the services, and how they’re being used.

Conferencing services are frequently over-provisioned and under-utilized as a result.  There is often no direct correlation between the users, cost control, and overall management of the platform.

Services, like Callbridge, that provide reliable and affordable access to enterprise-level conferencing have finally emerged.  With a web-based console, Callbridge can be managed like any other software asset, and it’s familiar to the IT departments that have now inherited responsibility for audio.

As IT shops transition from being cost centers to service centers for their internal users, our Web-based Callbridge, with flat-rate conference call pricing, is an easy tool to regain control of conferencing costs and communication challenges.

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