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How To Live Stream An Online Meeting To YouTube

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Blurry view of man reclined in chair near window in the background, holding a mobile propped on knee in the foregroundIf your business is already online and you’re looking for brand new ways to optimize your video conferencing and live broadcast technology, then you’re probably at the point where you’re wondering what’s next. The good news? You don’t have to go far.

Learning how to live stream on YouTube is a game changer when it comes to how you plan and host important video conferences. Sure, you can cater to large scale events, seminars and tutorials, but you can also host online meetings for smaller, more intimate syncs. You can live stream on YouTube publicly or privately easily and effectively with just a few clicks!

Ready to learn more? Here’s how to livestream to YouTube with Callbridge’s sophisticated technology and intuitive functions.

In a world where connection is everything, live streaming on YouTube is another tool to keep in your toolbox and pull out whenever you want. It’s a surefire way to reach out to your current audience, garner a new one, expand your reach or work in tandem with influencers so you can go live now and watch later through an easily-accessible platform. You can you use Callbridge to:

  • Enable YouTube live streaming for meetings for your entire account, a specific group or for your own meetings
  • Enable YouTube live streaming for webinars for your entire account, a specific group or for your own meetings
  • Start a live stream to YouTube via windows and macOS or via devices like Android and iOS.

View of left hand holding a close up smartphone with two YouTubers chattingFor the purpose of online meetings with employees, clients and within the network of your office and sister offices, for example, live streaming to YouTube offers a more expansive network of connections. Remember: You can go publicly (to further your reach) or privately (keeping it close to home). The choice is yours when streaming online meetings. Streaming live on YouTube:

  • Creates cohesion amongst remote workers
    Viewing through YouTube becomes direct and convenient for many viewers when you share your YouTube URL.
  • Facilitates collaborative and engaging training
    Reach many viewers on YouTube’s platform so you can broadcast detailed training or host your online meeting so more people can attend. Plus, viewers can comment, chat, or watch on their own time.
  • Localizes a large network of people
    Bring everyone to the same video and page with the unique URL that makes your online meeting easy to find.
  • Cuts down travel and accommodation costs as well as training, onboarding and retaining
    Get your message across to everyone who needs to hear it instead of having to choose only a select few to show up to a physical meeting. Instead, you can bring people together online from anywhere on the planet, to be a part of your meeting.
  • Notifies participants
    Anyone can attend via their desktop or download through their mobile. Plus, Callbridge comes with instant notification features so you know 15 minutes before the online meeting is live.

By adopting a strategy that brings online meetings to YouTube, you’ll quickly notice just how it can affect the attendance and engagement of viewers:

  • Get set up in no time: Forget complicated downloads, expensive equipment and having to be in a certain location. Start streaming immediately with zero downloads and a browser-based setup that allows you to deliver live and on-demand video – securely.
  • Create flow: The host controls access and is given the tools and flexibility to moderate seamlessly from Callbridge while live streaming onto YouTube.
  • Multiply the number of attendees: Record now to replay later as an option for attendees who couldn’t make it live. Plus, you can heighten engagement with polls, Q&As, chat boxes, and other interactive features on YouTube.
  • Recreate your live event in an online space:Small and cozy or large and welcoming, you can reimagine how you host a real ‘in-person’ event in a virtual space.

A Few Benefits

Young woman selecting a robin blue sweater from clothing hanger while engaging with camera in front of ring light

Not only does Callbridge come loaded with features designed with your convenience and communication targets in mind, consider the following benefits that provide more options to join, streamlined access, crisp sounding audio, visually stunning video and so much more:

You can embed your live video conferences and broadcast on any webpage
Live streaming on YouTube is easy and when your stream is over, YouTube converts it into a video for easy sharing and replay
Your audience isn’t required to participate in the meeting but can still join
Your YouTube link is a unique URL that makes sharing and viewing direct and convenient
Streaming to YouTube is instant and only requires one click to stream live

Let Callbridge connect you with audiences from all over the world across YouTube’s multifunctional and far-reaching platform. Callbridge gets you set up and shows you how to live stream to YouTube easily. Here’s how:

STEP #1: Linking to your YouTube Account
To enable Live Streaming:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • On your desktop, click the video icon at the top right of your account
  • Select ‘Go live’
  • Haven’t set up your YouTube account to Live Stream? Select ‘Stream’ and fill out the details for your channel.
  • A page will display; Copy both the stream key and stream URL.

Add your YouTube streaming details to your account:

  • Settings > Recording & Live Streaming > Toggle On
  • Paste in your streaming key
  • Share URL and click save.

STEP #2: Share your livestream link with participants

  • Provide the link above with your “channel name”

STEP #3A: Auto Live Stream

  • Start an Online Meeting from your account dashboard
  • To AUTO live-stream: Enable “Auto-start” in your YouTube account AND automatically live stream in your conference account. Live streaming will automatically initiate when a second participant has joined.

(For more detailed steps, view the complete guide here.)

Experience what it’s like to trust a superior video conferencing technology that makes live streaming to YouTube pain free.

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