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Publisher Uses AI For Meetings

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Are you looking to get a competitive edge in a commoditized industry? If so, Callbridge could be the communication platform you’ve been looking for. Callbridge talks to Scott Fraser, the president and publisher of Dundurn Press to find out how Callbridge has helped its business.

Check out our interview with Scott below:

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Dundurn Press is one of the largest Canadian publishing companies with about 2,500 printed books in circulation including many genres, such as literature, arts, and politics. Every year Dundurn Press publishes around 100 new titles so they experience firsthand how competitive it is to get new, high quality, intellectual properties. They needed to stand out amongst the crowd and Callbridge helped them to do that.

To leave a good impression with prospective clients, Dundurn identified Callbridge as its communications solution. Dundurn was able to custom brand the online meeting room so customers could meet in a secure, Dundurn branded space. The auto-transcription feature has been a lifesaver, helping Scott with key dates, deliverables and an archive of meeting content he can refer to later. He is now able to focus on the content of the meeting instead of being distracted by taking notes.

How was the switch? Everything from revenue, audiobooks, and foreign translations have all took a turn for the better, because Dundurn is having more effective meetings with clients.

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