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How Telemedicine Video Conferencing Impacts Patient Care And Your Healthcare Business

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How Telemedicine Video Conferencing Is Positively Impacting Healthcare

The ability to diagnose and treat patients remotely via telecommunications has been instrumental in the way immediate and accurate healthcare is provided to those in need. The fact that medicinal assistance is now delivered at the speed of technology means healthcare providers require the technology they and their patients can rely on.

Video conferencing offers many possibilities, affording everyone involved the advantage of using two-way video and wireless communication to share information and conduct appointments efficiently. For example, there are solutions for concussion monitoring and programs for more effective patient diagnoses using video conferencing – and this is only the beginning. Here are just a few of the ways implementing telemedicine can have a powerful impact on your business:


Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit and most obvious convenience that video conferencing brings to medicine is wider access and reach with shorter response time. This means millions of new patients in previously considered desolate locations can now be connected with doctors. Even patients in not-so-remote locations can now reach specialized doctors in other parts of the world. Consider disaster areas hit by earthquakes and tsunamis. Or emergency situations in the jungle or at sea. People can access the support they need via their smartphone, laptop, tablet and more.


Video conferencing strengthens the global health community by presenting an easily accessible platform for any professional (or student!) to connect with other like-minded healthcare providers around the world. This facilitates incredible collaboration and transfer of knowledge that can be in real-time with the click of a button. Files and medical records can be transferred, chats in search of a second opinion can be fired off in between appointments and hundreds of medical journals can be stored and read through on any device with the swipe of a finger!


Students get to reap huge benefits with telemedicine video conferencing. They can enrich their education by connecting via video for seminars, meetings, and classes that could be out of reach for some depending on location. Furthermore, programs are also available for students to watch in during surgery. Imagine being in the comfort of your own home while being able to log on and watch a real-time knee replacement surgery? This is the second best thing to scrubbing in and being in the operating room!


Video conferencing, at its most basic, is a 2-way communication platform (with options for more members to join!) that allows crisp and clear audio-visual conferencing between the sender and receiver. This set up is comfortable and ideal for doctor-patient interactions regarding mental health. It’s safe, private and the patient doesn’t have to leave home. Therapy sessions, one-on-ones even group sessions are seamless using video conferencing with all the add-on features, like screen-sharing, meeting rooms, voice recording, and more!


Living outside of the city limits makes doctor visits in the city that much more of a hassle. The beauty of telemedicine video conferencing is that, within reason and availability, patients can get access to the professionals they need in their time of need. There is a huge opportunity in pediatrics, for example, as most children’s symptoms don’t have to be diagnosed in person. Getting the answers to questions via video conferencing restores peace of mind and saves a trip!


It can be aggravating for a patient when they need a specialist and they’re stuck waiting for months to see one. With the aid of video conferencing, the referral process becomes expedited. If it’s a basic request or follow-up, the likelihood of catching a specialist between appointments via video conferencing is probable. If it’s a little more involved, the family doctor can still push along the process by sending in records electronically and conferring with the specialist to arrive at a diagnosis more quickly and accurately. There goes half the wait time!


The miracles of technology are exponential in the field of medicine. If your private or specialized practice, or medical sales and pharmaceutical business is looking to reach out, Callbridge’s technology provides reliable communications solutions between healthcare customers and patients. Regardless of geographic location, patients can expect to communicate and connect using top-quality dial-ins with immersive 1080p video conferencing technology, seamlessly.

Partner with us and experience the difference. Start today.

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