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Trends in The Workplace: The Shorter, More Meaningful Online Meeting

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The Rise of The Shorter, More Meaningful Online Meeting in The Workplace

Done with online meetingThis month, Callbridge will be focusing on emerging trends in the 21st century workplace, and what they mean for your meetings. This week’s topic is centered around the emergence of the ultra-short, ultra-efficient online meeting that has begun to replace the drawn-out, rambling meetings of the past that often took up an entire afternoon or more.

The trend towards shorter and more efficient meetings is not a surprising one. As people are becoming more and more time-starved in their daily lives, they are trying to do more in the same 24 hours that people have always had. Although this change isn’t necessarily a bad one, it is definitely one worth investigating for anyone looking to be more productive in their workplace.

As Online Meeting Technology Grows, So Does Expectation

Computer online meetingPart of the need for shorter, more efficient meetings is due to the increasing ability of technology to make our lives easier. You could make the hypothesis that having better meeting technology only empowers people to hold the type of online meetings they want, whether they are long or short. Unfortunately, the opposite is true: widespread online meeting technology just increases the expectations for meetings and what they can accomplish.

Let’s take the vacuum cleaner, as an example. When it was first invented, people saw it as the herald of a new age where machines did most of the housework while families could pursue other interests. Instead, it simply increased people’s expectations for what a clean home looked like.

Looking back towards the 21st century, This technologically led trend toward higher expectations seems to be continuing.

Business Owners Are Seeing The Financial Benefit of Shorter, More Efficient Meetings

It’s no secret that improperly planned and managed meetings are a time sink. Another reason for the rise of the shorter, more efficient online meeting is simply because businesses are starting to feel the financial pinch of meetings that don’t get anything done.

Now that business owners have the tools to ensure that their meetings are efficient and time sensitive, it doesn’t make any financial sense to allow them to take up half a day only to agree on very little.

For instance, Callbridge’s meeting summaries record the length of all meetings, along with an easy-to-search written transcript that uses AI to tag important words and phrases, making it easier than ever to see precisely what is being accomplished in any given meeting.

People Are Getting More Familiar and Experienced With Meetings

Meeting CompleteThe final reason why there is a trend towards shorter, more meaningful meetings in the workplace is simply because people are getting more experience at holding them.

As online meeting technology becomes more ubiquitous, more and more people are learning the best way to host and participate in them. Having good meeting skills has become essential for almost any office role, and meetings have become shorter and more useful as a result.

If your business is looking to increase its online meeting capabilities, and take advantage of cutting-edge features like AI-assisted searchable transcriptions and the ability to conference from any device without downloads, consider trying Callbridge free for 30 days.

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