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10 Video Marketing Tips For Coaches To Attract More Clients

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online marketingWe live in a world where we’d rather see it to believe it. “Showing” instead of “telling” is faster, more effective, and digestible in a visually overstimulated, and competitive digital landscape. Just think of the number of memes, and social media posts you encounter on a daily basis or the onslaught of content, including videos, and articles that appear on multiple news feeds across multiple platforms!

Coaches, consider how much this affects you and the ways in which you are representing yourself, your product, and your brand online. The ability to both produce a video and view a video-on-demand literally from the palm of your hand means everyone has the power to be a creator. This is both a blessing and a curse.

So how do you stand out from the clutter? How do you get your message through and across to your specific target audience?

Let’s explore. Video marketing is…

If the reference of “show and tell” reminds you of kindergarten, then fantastic! Little kids, much like ourselves living in such a visually rich and dynamic social media era, have short attention spans, limited energy, a need to be educated, and a desire to be entertained.

man computerVideo marketing provides all of the above-mentioned value in a way that is perfectly packaged and neatly tied up for online consumption.

Visually stimulating videos that are edited, follow a social media strategy and have something compelling to say, serve a multitude of purposes. Video marketing puts your message out front row and center to:

  • Build rapport
  • Attract customers
  • Promote your brand or service or product
  • Generate awareness
  • Make impressions

Incorporating video marketing as part of your coaching business’ communication strategy can be extremely beneficial:

  1. Say more in a short amount of time: Videos cut to the chase and are memorable. As the saying goes, “one minute is worth 1.8 million words.”
  2. Coaches can re-use video over and over and over again for new customers instead of constantly coming up with fresh content every time.
  3. As you get more comfortable on camera, the next step to scaling up your business is providing coaching videos that do the heavy lifting for you. Scale-up your business with pre-recorded content and charge separately for consultations in real-time!

Already got some video marketing strategies in the pipeline? Great! Here’s some additional info for you. Need a little more guidance and support? Fantastic! Keep on reading.

Creating and editing content from ideation to completion plus having to be in front of the camera can all take a little finesse. The entire process of knowing what to say and how to say it: looking good, being personable, staying aware of your tone of voice and body language – can be a little overwhelming to remember. But it’s possible, and totally worth it!

Don’t let the 5 following excuses hold you back:

    1. “…but it has to look perfect!”
      Don’t let the idea of your content being “perfect” get in the way of actually creating content. Some of the best videos out there with the highest views are “amateur” looking. These imperfections make the content appear more approachable, genuine and real without the corporate feel or agenda.
    2. “I don’t know how to use the software.”
      All you need is a tripod, good lighting, and a smartphone or laptop. Learn a few basic concepts and start really slow with video conferencing software that comes with user-friendly features. Audio and video recording, and screen sharing can get you up and running in no time. And just remember: you will get better with more practice.
    3. “I don’t feel good enough.”
      Trust your idea and deliver it as clearly and effectively as possible. It may feel weird and you may not generate as much of a following as you had hoped – at first. But just like anything you practice every day, you will gain momentum and start to see results. Flex your confidence muscle and you’ll feel yourself start to grow.
    4. “I don’t like how I look or sound.”
      man ipadYou will have to get used to how you sound, whether you like it or not! It’s just a matter of desensitization. Consider the following three elements that will help you look and sound your best:
      a. Choose different spaces until you find a spot you love. Figure out if you like how you look standing or sitting while indoors or outdoors, warm light or cool light, etc.
      b. Show your face in natural light as much as you can. Don’t hide behind the shadows or choose dark, moody lighting. Be forward-facing with your audience and show your face!
      c. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and classy. Patterns can be a little distracting but can be balanced out with solid colors. If you feel “put together” that vibe will radiate through the video.
      Ask yourself these 5 questions before you hit record:
      1) Can your audience see you?
      2) Can your audience hear you?
      3) Are you happy with the background behind you?
      4) Do you know where the camera lens is (that’s where you should be making eye contact)?
      5) Do you like how you look from where the camera is positioned (eye level is usually best)?
    5. “I have no time, it’s too hard and too expensive!”
      You have the choice to make video content, no one said you had to! Honor that choice by making it easy. Choose video conferencing software that doubles as your recording platform so you can create high quality audio and video content. Have your set up (charged phone or laptop, tripod, and favorite window) ready to go at a moment’s notice. Keep your videos short and have what you want to say fresh in your mind.

By improving your confidence and how you present yourself on screen, watch as you begin to draw in more of the clients you want.

10 Tips For Using Video Marketing To Attract More Clients

With just a few tips, you can be well on your way to creating content that resonates with the audience you want to attract. And with video conferencing software that is easy to use and comes loaded with features to empower your online presence, you can get started right now:

  1. Figure Out Exactly Who You’re Targeting
    Establishing what you’re offering depends on the audience you’re catering to. Before you reach out, know if your approach can be humorous and sarcastic or more serious and inspiring.
    Whatever it is you’re offering through the video (a product launch or commentary about recent events), the delivery should align with your brand and reflect the mood and emotional temperature of the people you want to attract.
  2. Tell A Compelling Story
    Your marketing video should spark an emotional connection instead of being a hard sell and weaving it around sales. Use buzz words that resonate and tap into your audience’s emotions as an entry point into their lives. When you understand their emotions, it helps cushion the sale and provides a story that hits home rather than feeling like you’re force-feeding your product or service.
  3. Shock, Wow and Impress – In 4 Seconds
    No matter how serious your message is, it’s got to be communicated in a way that is memorable. Make your message fun, because who likes a plain video? Attention is the new currency, so make the pay off worth it. What value can you add? Comedy? Knowledge? Wit? A promo code? A stunning fact?
    You have a small window – literally 4 seconds – at the very beginning to make an impression. Make the most of it with a slick opening line, a promise, or a visually appealing edit.
  4. Remember Mobile Users
    Video streaming sites and video sharing platforms provide user experiences across all interfaces. Ensure your video is compatible and can run on a mobile device regardless of screen size. Otherwise, you’re denying yourself the chance to gain more viewers by leaving out a big part of your potential audience.
  5. Keep It Brief
    People are busy but they are on their phones while at work, in between meetings, during breaks, or whenever they get a few minutes to breathe. Deliver a streamlined message that leaves a lasting impact. A succinct video that is easy to digest (text overlay, contact info, visually appealing) will shoot across what you have to say as fast as possible.
  6. Attract Your Audience Instead Of Chasing Them
    Start with the “brass tacks” of your message. What is the purpose and main point you need to convey? From there, jazz it up to include music, a joke or reference, specific keywords, your own personal experience, editing, images, video clips, etc. Center the video around your user. If your message isn’t tailored to them, they probably won’t connect. Speak their language and show how you understand it.
  7. Use SEO To Optimize Your Reach
    Drive more traffic by using a handful of Search Engine Optimization keywords. Select a few by searching with Google and use them in hashtags, the video description, and the headline.
  8. People Respond To Titles, Not Content
    Implement keywords into your title so your video can live at the top of the page and get seen. Also, remember that people are buying the eye-catching headline of your video, not so much the video – yet. The idea is to entice them to hit play by making the title specific to their need or problem.
  9. Offer Educational Value
    Create trust around your product or brand by offering a video recording that points to a problem and solves it. Provide tips, or screen grabs and dismantle the issue via a video instead of an article or long-form piece. This could take shape as a mini-series, a webinar, teleseminar or live stream on YouTube.
  10. Stay Within Your Budget
    Know when to splurge and when to save. Showcasing your product and providing beauty shots that display its features or how it works will look better shot by a professional. Creating a bite-sized 2-minute highlight reel of customer testimonials for Instagram can definitely be done with your smartphone!

Just remember that video marketing takes a little bit of discipline and know-how. But it’s a valuable platform when it comes to promoting your client offerings, and establishing yourself as an expert in your coaching field.

Empower your offering and inspire your audience when you share your know-how and expertise through a variety of different kinds of marketing videos. Browser-based video conferencing that allows you to record from your device is especially helpful in creating these videos from scratch. Before you hit record, familiarize yourself with the following types of videos:

  • Brand
    Break down what your brand stands for by sharing your vision, mission statement or showcasing your line of products. Get your company name out there to build awareness and brand integrity.
  • Demonstration
    This is your opportunity to “show” instead of “tell.” Use screen sharing or meeting recording to take participants on a live tour of the software or explore how the features of your product function. If you’re providing a service or consultation, take your audience through your offering.
  • Event
    Hosting a virtual event? Attending an international conference? Sitting on the panel at a summit? Document your experience now to share later. Record footage of the venue, conduct interviews and get behind the scenes to give your audience the inside scoop.
  • Expert Interviews
    Build a name for yourself by interviewing other industry leaders and influencers, whether in person or in an online meeting. This will forge trust and authority whether they share the same opinion or not. Think on your feet and spark conversation amongst your audience. Interviews are perfect for creating new content or opening up a discussion online.
  • Educational or How-To
    Provide your audience value by teaching them something on the fly or in advance. Give them a nugget of wisdom so they can figure out how they align with your product and services. This could be scheduled in a newsletter or impromptu on a social media channel.
  • Description
    Establish your core customer persona and create a story around it that caters to your demographic’s needs. What problem does your product or service fix? Create a mini-series that explains and describes different courses of action in a neatly packaged video.
  • Graphic
    Break down complicated or sensitive concepts with visual elements that make it easy to understand. Use stock imagery or footage or find a designer who can illustrate what you need to say.
  • Customer Testimonial
    Satisfied customers will be able to sing your praises and provide accurate insights about your offering. Record your fans as they explain their challenges and how you were able to guide them. Prompt the feedback with questions and answers that reinforce your offering.
  • Live Stream
    Get ready for a little improv! Going live really shows who you are as a coach – in the moment. Just make sure you have a loose agenda to follow so you stay on time and on purpose. This type of video gives viewers a real feel for who you are plus it “draws longer streams and higher engagement rates.”
  • Unique Messages
    Record yourself using video conferencing software addressing a specific customer or a very niche part of your audience while providing a personal recommendation. These unique moments make your audience feel seen and heard.

Let Callbridge be the two-way communication platform that provides your coaching business with the video conferencing tools that work to “show” instead of “tell.” Add dimension to your marketing strategy with a wide variety of features:

– Use the meeting recording feature to capture immediate footage of client interactions for later use in a Facebook video.

– Enjoy the AI-enhanced transcription feature for easy voice memo to text that provides you with an accurate text file of client conversations perfect for effective text overlay.

– Benefit from the screen sharing tool to share content in real-time with clients or hit record and use as part of your video content for easier navigation or as an additional layer to your video.

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