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How Web-Based Tools Help IT Manage Costs of Conferencing

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This is part of an ongoing series of posts on how Callbridge can help your organization to manage conferencing costs.

The main concern that most IT managers have about audio conferencing is visibility.  Since conferencing is now looked upon as a data service, rather than a pure voice service, it is now part of the IT portfolio, and IT has a responsibility for oversight.  So how does the IT manager manage the costs associated with voice?

Callbridge makes management easier in two key ways:

  1. It’s a web-based service, with web-based controls, and administration.  At any time you can track fulfillment of the service, make sure it is working well, and add or remove users. Callbridge utilizes augmented administrative features to give you full control of your platform.
  2. It’s a flat-rate conferencing service as well.  Callbridge removes all variability in costs associated with conferencing by charging a flat-rate per month per organizer.  That means a radical reduction in the expenses associated with reconciliation of bills, inter-department charge-backs, and other kinds of administration.

The transition to web-based conference management is a critical cost-management tool for the IT manager.

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