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Why You Should Whitelabel Your Video Conferencing Platform

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Close up view of open laptop on desk at home with two participants in Gallery View, and hand gesticulating in foregroundAre you wondering whether you should use white-label video conferencing for your group communication needs? What’s in it for you and how can it positively impact your online business? If you haven’t thought of it before, think of it like this; When you choose a white-label platform, you’re giving your business another way to be seen. Although it might seem subtle, it’s “free advertising” for your brand to get screen time and quietly build brand presence.

A white-label video platform affords your any-size business the opportunity to present itself more outwardly in a virtual setting. Imagine engaging in an online meeting with a client and instead of seeing the name of the video conferencing brand you’re using plastered across your screen, it’s your brand instead.

White-label video webinar software comes with many benefits. Going this route means you can focus on your product and offering instead of getting caught up in the logistics. Consider how white labeling:

  • Boosts Your Brand’s Visibility
    Increase the public’s awareness of your brand by presenting yourself as sophisticated and non-invasive. Choose from different customization options that feature your brand upfront.
  • Fortifies Client Loyalty
    Create cohesion amongst your products and offerings. Plus, using a white-label video conferencing platform that works well and promotes an enjoyable user experience means customers will equate high-quality and convenient technology with your brand.
  • Gives You An Advantage
    The technology is already proven to work. No sense in reinventing the wheel. You get to jump on and take the wheel instead!
  • Close up of lower half of woman stylishly dressed, sitting on couch working on laptop with mobile device beside herSaves You Time And Money
    Focus your own resources on other priorities rather than spending time and money developing an original product. Instead, go with a white-label platform that’s already built and can start working immediately.
  • Reduces Stress
    Take the pressure off if something goes wrong or you need additional support. With white label video conferencing, anything that needs to be fixed or updated isn’t your responsibility. Dependable support, troubleshooting, and technological know-how come part and parcel with your white-label platform. Don’t worry about it, and let someone else deal with it.
  • Gives You Branding Power
    Build your business, introduce yourself and make a splash. It’s your brand, your logo, and your voice across all your video conferencing touchpoints.

Still need a bit of a push? Let’s break it down a little more. Here are 5 reasons you should white-label your video conferencing platform:

  1. Ultimate Branding
    Bring your vision to life with customization capabilities that shape how your online presence is experienced by users. With white-label video conferencing, the user gets to see and interact with your brand, logo, and colors. During any video chat or voice call, it’s your company info that gets seen across the displays and added to the mix. Create even more credibility with a unique URL that showcases your company name.
  2. Free Advertising
    When it’s your brand featured in the URL or placed across the header of the browser window, you’re maximizing the use of technology to push your brand and name outward. Especially in the case of an online meeting with a prospective or high-profile client, white-label video conferencing generates top of mind awareness for your brand to be seen, heard, and talked about. It’s literally free advertising as your company takes center stage throughout client interactions. Plus, it establishes your brand to make you appear polished and professional. In the case of streaming to YouTube, it’s an added benefit to have your brand appear in the background or foreground. Especially if you’re a brand-conscious enterprise organization, white-label video conferencing provides options to show your name everywhere, even the fine print so users will only see your name across the platform. Nothing else.
  3. Fast And Easy Implementation Into Your App
    With white-label video conferencing API, it’s a seamless fit into your already existing app. For industries like banking and telehealth, for example, it’s critical that the merging of video chat software comes together effectively. Developing video chat software from scratch can easily go over budget and take up time and resources, make operations too complex, breach privacy and security, cause problems with customization, require additional servers and create challenges with mobile access. Instead, time and money are better spent on a pre-made, white-label video conferencing solution that is less of a headache behind the scenes. When everything is already developed to fit into what you already have, your business can make moves immediately, whether you’re looking to improve the customer journey or head in a new eCommerce direction.
  4. Overhead view of woman reclined on bed at home engaged on laptop in a video chat with four participants in Gallery ViewAvailable on Android and iOS
    Get most of the same perks and all of the absolute availability using the mobile app that comes with white-label video conferencing. Reach clients, employees, and management from your device directly to theirs. A perfect way to stay connected while on the go, joining meetings from your device is simple and still branded. Make a good impression from wherever you are.
  5. Brand-Tailored Extras
    When you choose a white-label video conferencing platform, you get to customize user touchpoints. You’re in charge of the look and feel of how your company is portrayed online and during online meetings. You can brand-tailor your company dashboard, online meeting room, even email invitations, as well as conference call invitations, meeting summaries, where you log into your account, where people click to join your meeting, and your online meeting room. Want more? Go with a custom dial-in number for an added touch. Select your country and choose to receive a professionally recorded greeting for your company’s conference calls.

Let Callbridge show you the benefits of using a white-label system to give your business more appeal. With your brand held in high regard, it’s easy for clients to feel they can recognize and trust you. Make the most of Callbridge’s branding features like Custom Hold Music, Personalized Greetings, and your logo displayed across your video chat windows. Plus, there’s all the go-to must-have features: Screen Sharing, Video Recording, Online Whiteboard, and more.

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