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Nail Your Next Remote Sales Presentation With 4 Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

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When was the last time you had someone show up on your doorstep selling something? Probably not in a long time! . Of course, old habits die hard. Door-to-door selling and cold calling may never actually disappear, but one thing is for certain; it’s definitely dying out. With a booming remote workforce popping up around the globe, every industry is going digital. Technology is dictating how businesses do work as well as the way employees are put to work, sales included.

Sales people are now relying on video conferencing and conference calls to conduct the majority of their meetings with existing and potential clients. The landscape has drastically changed for sales with much more of a focus on virtual meeting that include remote sales presentations. The advantages of video conferencing prove endless for salespeople, giving them the opportunity to expand and reach out far beyond what was ever thought possible. There are no borders anymore, just time zones.

Creating a hard-hitting, sales presentation for clients to be presented and viewed remotely requires strategic thinking. Paying attention to the aesthetic as well as how the story is told helps persuade the audience into your line of thinking. Using engaging content, opening loops, creating a little suspense and presenting a solution all nicely and neatly packaged into a remote sales presentation deck are surefire methods for closing a deal.

Sales PresentationSome of the obvious benefits of remote sales presentations and demonstrations via video conferencing are the lower cost. All you need is your device with a mic, a set of headphones (optional), a wifi connection, and an open browser. A virtual meeting is the next best thing to being in person, and gives you the competitive advantage of positioning yourself front row and centre before your clients and prospects from anywhere in minutes.

With a virtual presence, you are in the here and now to showcase your efforts and who you are. Rapport is built in moments, so putting together a remote sales presentation that resonates with your audience is critical. Here are a few ways to optimize an outstanding deck that delivers your message to bring in the positive reception you’re looking for.

Tell A Story That Has A Beginning, Middle and End

If you really want to draw in participants, create a strong narrative throughout your sales presentation. Rather than just presenting cold hard facts floating on a slide, creating a thread that ties them all together is intriguing, encourages thinking and becomes relatable. What’s the big picture? How does your product or service improve lives? Try injecting open loops at the beginning of your presentation by asking a big question or highlighting a strange concept that doesn’t get addressed until the end. Watch as participants become interested to learn more.

Pull In Your Audience With Collaboration Tools

During your remote sales presentation, set aside an opportunity to use a feature like the Screen Sharing to give dimension to your ideas. Easily open files on your desktop or share links and open videos in real-time. You don’t have to tell, all you have to do is show. This feature is perfect for doing a sales demonstration if you’re selling software, for example. Or if you’ve got a sales video and want to pause at certain points to open up the discussion. Screen sharing also lends well to group-decision making and on-the-spot collaboration.

Video ConferencingReally, Really Believe In What You’re Selling

You are not there in person, therefore, to really drive home your pitch in a remote sales presentation your tone of voice, body language and approach need to be extra enthusiastic and energetic. Your clients may not always remember exactly what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. Incorporating a little bit of showmanship comes across very well via video conferencing. Use a prop or end the remote sales presentation with an anecdote, but remember that conveying trust and passion through the excitement for your product will motivate your audience.

Keep Each Slide Clean, Simple and Minimal

A remote sales presentation is about showing more than telling. Use words and images to present groundbreaking ideas to persuade and convert. Talking and opening up a discussion is far more important that weighing down slides with walls of text. Minimal bullet points, trigger words and high-quality images plus your ability to tell a story and be a showperson amps up your remote presentation. Try not to bog down your sales pitch with a script or lengthy words. If it’s technical, and involves blocks of numbers, include the most important key metrics, keep graphics organized and color coded, and send out a “leave behind” document or pdf with a follow up email.

Let Callbridge optimize your sales performance, by offering you high-quality audio and visual capabilities to ensure you get the visibility you need to make the sale. With a first-class meeting room that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world meetings, you can optimize your sales performance with an outstanding online presence.

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