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An Inside Look At Conference Call Software For Businesses

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office mobile video callMeetings are designed to be productive, and at the very least, they should be. Otherwise, what is the point of bringing together team leads to brainstorm on a creative endeavor; department heads to discuss progress and budget reports; upper management to push along a project, and so on?

Furthermore, meetings should be more than only productive. In this day and age, they also have the capacity to be collaborative, engaging, inspiring, and accurate.

This is where the effective use of conference call software can be a total game-changer in how you run your small to enterprise-size business. If you’re in the office, or in the field, an associate or C-level executive, consider how elevating your business with state-of-the-art conference call software enhances the way in which you send and receive messages that get the job done.

Not only are online meetings affected, so are interviews, presentations, pitches, briefings, tissue sessions, and more. With the click of a mouse, you can connect with anyone from anywhere. Let’s get a closer look.

Conference Call Software Is:

Put plainly and simply, the purpose of the technology is to bring people together who couldn’t otherwise be in the same room. Emails, phone calls, text messaging – these are all important ways of keeping in contact, however, being face to face, even if only virtually, is the second-best thing to showing up in person.

Build trust, loyalty, and camaraderie through screen time with one on ones, small and large groups.

This is a modern solution that gives your business the opportunity to scale and expand. Video conferencing and conference calling provides participants the real-time option of seeing and hearing each other, from anywhere at any time.

And if you don’t want to be face to face? Using only audio is an option too! The choice is yours when it comes to scheduling meetings online, whether in the same office or a different continent.

Selecting conference call software doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

A reliable and intuitive two-way platform will shape how you communicate with everyone from your clients, colleagues, team, HR and more. Here’s the first thing to keep in mind:

High-quality conference call software should come with both conference calling and video conferencing.

To leave a lasting impact, choose conference call software that is simple, easy to use and doesn’t require complicated setup. Also, consider your audience.

What will you be using the platform for the most? How many participants will you be connecting with on average? Will you require recording capabilities? Will you need to meet with over 100 participants?

The benefits of conference calling include:

1. Slashing Costs

office web conference

Travel expenses become a thing of the past when you don’t have to pay for gas, a flight, a train ticket or a hotel.

Conferencing solutions give participants the opportunity to show up in real-time without having to accommodate everything that comes with travel.

Smaller businesses can really cut costs where needed, as well as feel good for doing their part in helping the environment when opting for a greener option.

2. Cover Greater Distances

Your business’ network can span the globe and yet you can still have high-quality meetings with the necessary people.

Down the hall? Across town? Overseas? Start a call immediately using a toll-free number that saves long distance fees and allows for location independence.

3. Heightened Productivity

Email threads don’t have to span pages and pages. An answer back to your question or status update doesn’t have to take 24 hours to multiple business days. A conference call can be planned ahead or scheduled now so you can get the info you need on demand.

The benefits of video conferencing include everything mentioned above, plus:

1. Better Engagement

When you’re required to sit in a video meeting with your camera on, you’re less likely to fidget or allow your mind to wander.

Instead, you and your team are required to be here in the present and participate. Raise your hand, ask a question or for more clarity, comment, share and so much more!

Collaboration soars through the rough with conference call software that comes chock full of features. Try using the online whiteboard next time you have a lofty idea that needs to be drawn out using shapes and colors.

2. Increased Attendance

With oceans and deserts between offices, and travel plans scattered throughout the year, it’s not unheard of to get delayed, be unable to attend or miss a meeting.

Automatic invitations and reminders prompt participants with notifications and emails leading up to the meeting. It’s a no brainer!

Furthermore, recording capabilities give participants the additional option of watching their meeting later. Perfect for colleagues and management who need flexibility with their schedules.

3. Building Trust

Being able to see who’s who while in an online meeting or discussion helps to build rapport. Video conferencing is an effective aid at making online meetings and remote work more social.

If you are onboarding clients or being introduced to new people, facetime is important.

Smiling and making eye contact strengthens working relationships, as does being able to read body language and pick up on nuances.

Verbal cues and gesticulations help break down communication further between speakers and listeners while giving way to a more “interpersonal and persuasive edge.”

Together, both conference calling and video gives you a full-throttle 2-way conferencing platform that streamlines these two modes of communication; plus features that enhance collaboration and ramp up your online meeting experience.

The modern workforce requires conference call software.

More and more, employers are offering employees all sorts of different working options, only made possible with conference call software. A work-life balance is far more achievable when workers can connect working from home or adopting an approach that includes flexible hours, job sharing, etc.

What happens when calls and video come together?

Inferior conference call software, unfortunately, can come with some less-than-appealing fine print: Long-distance charges. Poor audio and video quality. Complex moderator controls. Unfriendly user design.

But with a sophisticated platform that has been refined and made world-class with artificial intelligence, plus several cutting edge features, technology today outshines the outdated communication platforms of the past.

That’s why it’s important to research and figure out which conference call software can work best for your business.

What makes for exceptional conference calling software?

With so many different options consider these basic but extremely convenient factors that can help you better determine which will complement your business:

Top 4 Things to Look Out For:

4. Free Version

Before you sign up, find conference call software that lets you try it on for size. Full use of the service for a temporary amount of time without commitment or signing up gives you and your team an idea of what the interface looks and feels like.

Higher-end more sophisticated technology can come with a wide range of modes and features, so before making the leap, it’s a total plus to be able to experiment without fully jumping in with two feet.

3. Zero Downloads

Avoid delays and complicated setup with software that’s browser-based. Save precious time with technology that doesn’t require plugins, computer savvy or additional equipment other than your laptop, desktop, or handheld device. Bonus: Look for a desktop app to make joining a meeting even more accessible.

2. Video And Audio Quality

A crisp high definition audio and video connection is imperative to an enjoyable user experience.

A dynamic virtual meeting, presentation, pitch and more allows for all participants to communicate clearly and effectively. There’s nothing worse than when a call drops, sounds scratchy or when you have to keep asking to “please repeat.”

Plus, with absolute availability from every device and from physical SIP meeting room integration, clear communication is available always.

1. Customer Support

High-level conference call software should come fully equipped with customer support, able to help you troubleshoot or answer questions. Fixing issues immediately is imperative when you’re relying on software that connects you to the people you do business with.

And if 24/7 help isn’t available, a portal or extensive knowledge base in the form of webinars and FAQ videos should be on hand.

And that’s only the beginning!

To really make the most out of conference call software that keeps your communication strategy on the cutting edge, consider other critical factors that play into your decision:

Security – A platform that takes security seriously and provides peace of mind when you’re sharing and transferring sensitive information.

Affordability – A solution that offers high-quality output without straining your budget.

Easy-to-use – Intuitive navigation with a simple-to-use interface that allows for quick access to all of the platform’s touchpoints.

Interoperability – Full support across numerous connections, from any device, video system or computer.

Features – Enhance the virtual experience with cutting-edge features that shape the way you communicate like screen sharing, document sharing, meeting recording and so much more.

Custom Hold Music – Take the waiting out of being on hold by lining up music to listen to or recording an important message while participants are on hold.

Software Integrations – Leverage existing technology and integrate across the board with SIP,
Google Calendar, Slack, Outlook and more.

Mobile App – Make anywhere your office with a mobile app that gives you total freedom from any device.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Relying solely on audio to communicate could be a disservice to your business. Not only does productivity and engagement spike when using video in a group setting, virtual meetings provide an avenue for heightened conversation, idea sharing, and collaboration.

Additionally, participants now have the opportunity to live a more balanced lifestyle by design.

Connecting to your team, onboarding new talent and gaining new clients has never been as accessible as it is today with a communication platform that brings it all together for you in one space.

Let Callbridge stand out as the expert from the many conference call services available. With sophisticated technology and features designed to enhance every meetup, you can rest assured knowing your meetings are taken care of.

Not only does Callbridge come with everything you need to have a successful meeting, imagine what it’s like to meet exceptionally better.

Callbridge’s signature feature Cue™ is the artificial intelligence bot ready to automate your business.

While you operate on the frontline, Cue™ is in the background taking note of everything that was said and done in your meeting. Speaker tags, and time and date stamps are all included in the automatic transcription, from start to finish.

Cue™ gives you full visibility of what transpired by filtering and selecting the most commonly used words and phrases. Using the Auto Tag feature, you are able to go through the entire meeting and pull out common topics and trends.

Everything is in one place post-conference so it’s painless to locate. Going back through the meeting and looking for what you need is as simple as going through your email.

And don’t forget the cloud. Everything that Cue™ catches and breaks down gets stored using cloud technology. Recordings, summaries, transcriptions and more are easily accessible for participants to get a hold of.

If you’re looking for a conference call service that:
Has high end features
Encourages productivity
Amps up engagement
Cuts down costs
Increases attendance
Refines the work life balance
Builds trust

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