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The Importance Of Voice And Video API Online

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Over the shoulder view of man sitting outside near water by bridge, holding up a tablet with gallery view of faces in a video conferenceNot sure how “video-conferencing application programming interface” can positively affect your business? Unclear as to how both voice and video can come together to work as a driving force behind how you operate your business online?

Otherwise known as video conferencing API, this fast-acting technology is gaining traction as the go-to interface for businesses to function outside of the “brick and mortar” model to thrive online. What we’re seeing is a transformation from in-person storefront offerings transposed into digital applications and websites.

With the growth of people using video chatting technology in 2020, there’s no sign of it slowing down in 2021 and beyond. Staying connected with colleagues in an online space, starting online businesses, conducting work remotely, hiring employees overseas, drumming up clients in different parts of the world – have all become increasingly more convenient and possible with how we use video conferencing API and what we’re using it for.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • What Video Conference API Is
  • Why It’s Important
  • The Advantages Of Programmable Voice And Video
  • Businesses That Can Truly Benefit
  • …And More!

So, What Exactly Is Video Conference API?

Video conference API is a video calling feature that can be easily integrated into any existing digital application. It is used to add another layer of interactivity and engagement through voice and video touchpoints throughout the user journey on the app.

Incorporating programmable voice and programmable video, current digital frameworks and applications are made more multi-dimensional with cohesive, visually appealing functionality and improved productivity through video conference API.

Rather than starting from square one building a completely brand new platform that involves “reinventing the wheel,” the idea behind API integration is that it is the missing piece to your app. It doesn’t require a complete revamp from the ground-up, rather it adds value and makes your app more user-friendly, and intuitive to use and experience.

Video communication with lag-free audio is possible with an API user interface that makes different types of software compatible with one another and able to “talk to each other” to exchange data.

The beauty of video conferencing API is that it’s designed to be easy to integrate and maintain. As a robust, and sophisticated web-frontend solution, creating a controlled user journey that offers a highly flexible video conferencing API, is developer-friendly, and device compatible meaning it’s available for small businesses and larger enterprises. You can scale up whenever you need it.

All it takes is one click to deliver a video meeting and use highly collaborative and engaging features like screen sharing, live streaming, recording, and cloud storage.

What Are The Benefits Of API?

By integrating video conferencing API into your app, you can experience the benefits of using voice and video to interact with clients and colleagues immediately. Video conferencing is the next best thing to being in person and given the world’s current state of affairs, it’s not surprising that more businesses are relying on video-based approaches to bridge the gap.

Enhancing messages, attending to urgent matters, hosting webinars, online training sessions, conducting small and intimate, to large scale and international meetings can all benefit from the inclusion of voice and video across user touchpoints. Some of the benefits of voice and video API include:

  • Functionality and Accessibility
    Video conferencing capabilities allow for an instant online connection in the face of an urgent situation or a delicate conversation that requires multiple participants. Furthermore, it lessens the need to physically be there or anywhere, meaning you can still pitch your remote sales presentation or host a demonstration using video conferencing API to reach a bigger audience. Why It’s Important: You can showcase services, products or online navigation with real-time demonstrations that, from start to finish, bring to life how it all comes together. Pace your event and make it more dynamic by inviting audiences to ask sales teams and spokespeople questions using chat or video. Think about how you may want to gamify your retail experience by incorporating contests, call-ins and Q&As.
  • Cutting Costs
    Wide angle view of happy woman sitting on couch at home smiling and looking at laptop with hand outreached and gesticulatingWith video conferencing at the forefront of how we communicate online, the need for travel, accommodation, and per diems is left behind. There’s no requirement to be in-person when there is a technology that can act as a stand-in and still provide the same benefits. Why It’s Important: Reduce your budget with video chat API integration that exponentially increases your seminar’s attendance. Rather than renting out space like a hall or convention center for a few hundred people, for example, relying on video conferencing that fits into your current app offers your audience a more well-rounded experience. Your seminar, industry conference, and a large-scale event can transform into a virtual space to reach every participant just like you would in-person.
  • Saving Time
    Having to drive into the city and across town eats up time and energy. So do all the other moving parts involved when planning and conducting a new business development meeting like allocating resources, planning and preparation and more. Instead, woo potential clients by making an impression that lives in an online space. Why It’s Important: Reach a broader range of people who can access your offering from the comfort of their own home or office. You can leave an excellent impression by setting up your API to create a user experience that comes with the analytics to prove its reach, conversions and other metrics that clients want to see and be a part of.
  • More Nuanced Meetings
    When work teams rely on video calling as the go-to for communication, conversations become more multi-faceted. Information is exchanged not only through voice calling and text chatting, but also through facial expressions, body language, and gesticulation. Why It’s Important: Deciphering someone’s true feelings or intentions becomes more obvious in the advent of making a deal or when speaking to a small audience about your product launch. It becomes clear to see if your information is landing or not.
  • Recording Tools
    Video conferencing typically comes with a recording feature that allows the host to record now to watch later. This function ensures no nugget of information falls between the cracks. You can go back in the recording and absorb every bit of information. Those unavailable for the original meeting are afforded the luxury of being able to watch the recording at their leisure. What’s more is that sophisticated video conferencing platforms come with an additional feature that complements recording; AI-transcription with speaker tags, time and date stamps, plus trending words and topics. Why it’s Important: Enjoy a video conferencing API solution that provides an ultra-low latency solution to empower online learning for students, plus state-of-the-art digital tools for educators who want to make an impact in an online setting. Experience what it’s like when collaboration is achieved through a dynamic online presence using programmable voice to carry through a lecture, lesson or seminar that’s live or pre-recorded.
  • Accessibility
    Simple login, an intuitive user interface and cohesive navigation provides easy accessibility across multiple devices that makes users feel welcome, and more likely to want to interact in an online space. Browser-based, zero-download technology available on desktop, tablet, laptop and handheld devices create an enjoyable user experience that centralizes data for streamlined access and availability. Why It’s Important: In sectors that require fast access to private data, voice and video API can offer the quick access point between healthcare providers, patients and family members. HIPAA-eligible video groups maintain privacy and help people to stay socially connected.
  • Building An Audience
    With a voice and video API supported app, sectors and businesses can expect to reach out to audiences in a way that aligns with their brand to cultivate better user engagement. Growing a following through engagement happens when users have multiple ways to stay connected to your brand through social media and other channels. Why It’s Important: Want to improve your reach? Connect people to your latest podcast for high quality audio interviews and conversations. Take behind the scenes footage and video to incorporate into your communication strategy or as social media content. Go a step further and try hosting an online radio show that asks followers to tune into your live stream. Ask questions, share topics and host competitions to keep audiences engaged.
  • Return On Investment
    Video conference API is designed to complement the existing structure of your app. You don’t have to start from the ground up or build complicated software that drains resources, time and energy. In fact, the beauty of it is that it enhances what you have, truly providing a solid return on investment when you stop to consider its efficacy as an addition to your system rather than a starting point. Why It’s Important: Building a solution from scratch requires more time and initial testing before it can be launched. Plus, there’s the deployment and management of designing and operating a completely new infrastructure that isn’t guaranteed to hit the ground running. Furthermore, regulations and compliance requirements need to be a part of the equation in order to meet security standards across services.

With programmable voice and video, you can design a customized experience that fits your business’ requirements without reinventing the wheel.

Who Needs Video Conferencing?

The short and simple answer is: Everyone! But in the context of business, amongst many sectors that video conferencing API can be used to improve, here are a few businesses that can truly be accelerated with its implementation:

  • Real Estate
    With video conference API, potential homebuyers are given the unique opportunity to be able to go on a tour to visit properties virtually. They can experience what it’s like to be in the home via video chat. There’s no travel required and the timing can work to accommodate anyone from anywhere. Investments can come in from outside the local area, and signings, and documents can be taken care of online.
  • Healthcare
    Close up, three quarter view of male doctor’s face wearing a mask and a face guard against a white background looking to the far rightTelehealth apps are increasingly becoming the norm for making appointments, getting connected with specialists, providing diagnostics, discussing symptoms, and so much more. The possibilities for connecting patients to healthcare providers in a virtual container that saves time and resources are infinite. Live video conferencing for telehealth cuts down on doctor’s visits, can be used to treat common illnesses, provide support and unite family members with loved ones in critical care. Plus, it serves as an instant connection between patients and multiple doctors. When all files and important patient documents are easily accessible and are centrally stored in the cloud, communication between medical practitioners becomes more effective.
  • Human Resources
    By simply bringing in video conferencing in the already existing recruiting and onboarding process, HR professionals can significantly assess and hire better candidates in less time. Expanding the talent pool and shortlisting becomes simplified when interviews and follow ups are conducted virtually.
  • E-commerce
    Stores are experiencing a decline in sales as ecommerce takes on a life of its own. Maintaining social distancing requires customers to seek other ways of getting what they need which has accelerated the growth of businesses turning over to a digital platform. Online courses, electronic appliances that require demos, support and training benefit from video conferencing API.

With Callbridge’s video conferencing API, you can experience a seamless fit into your already existing app. And the best part? It can propel your business to perform better, stronger and be more engaging than ever before. In fact, its cloud communication platform augments your offering by building in voice and video calls, live audio and video streaming, recording, real-time messaging and analytics to give breadth and depth to your app. Callbridge’s APIs give you the ability to create and implement a custom video conferencing experience that also offers top notch security, access through multiple devices and several video chat and voice calling features to connect you to anyone from anywhere.

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