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How Video Conferencing Can Improve Work Flow Between Government Offices

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MeetingWhen all departments and agencies are working in tandem as a unified front, that’s when a fully functioning government body is truly the sum of its parts. But how do all the parts harmoniously exchange ideas on a regular basis or stay abreast of emergency situations and sudden changes to policy? Traditional modes of documentation and communication will surely never fully go out of style, but as video conferencing becomes the preferred mode of communication, piles of paperwork and analog files are slowly getting replaced.

Consider the following benefits of video conferencing for government agencies:

10. Better Quality Of Life

Connecting with teams and coworkers across departments and other sectors requires travel time and being present. Or does it? With video conferencing, simply set up an online meeting and out goes the need to have to drive, park and show up when any decision making or problem-solving can be done via video. Assistance between agencies takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to furthering employees careers. Think about all the training, recruiting and hiring for specialized government jobs. Video conferencing technology works to streamline efforts by recording tutorials for teaching; recruitment videos for recruiting campaigns and planned out hiring packages for onboarding.

Government offices9. Work Environment Improvements

Inter-office communication greatly impacts the quality of work accomplished between departments as well as in one department. Collaboration is vastly improved when communication is at the speed of technology especially in a critical situation, or a public relations snafu. On a less dramatic note, even workers who are new parents or who are coming in from a different culture or country now have the opportunity to integrate into the workforce more smoothly.

8. Man Hours Used More Effectively

Cutting down costs means saving time, and saving time means manhours can be used more effectively elsewhere. Video conferencing underpins productivity and gives back more working hours which is a precious resource in the government. Imagine the dollars saved when a high-profile lawyer’s travel fees are suddenly non existent. Reducing travel time saves peace of mind and taxpayer’s dollars over time.

7. Cut Costs Of Legal Processes

Taxpayer’s money can be used elsewhere when video conferencing is in the picture. Testimonials, hearings, depositions, these can be done without having to cart inmates to and from prison; lLawyers aren’t required to leave the office so frequently and witnesses can provide detailed accounts form the privacy and safety of their own home. Furthermore, most other small time court-related scenarios can be held without travel and commuting. With a simple set up, and clear internet connection, a lot of judicial processes can be carried out seamlessly onscreen.

6. Interact With The Public

When the lines of communication between the government and public become open and more transparent, there’s a better sense of trust and understanding. Using such a forward-facing technology like video conferencing for public relations, puts the speaker out in the open. There is less smoke and mirrors and public sector representatives can boldly address grievances and questions, by speaking to the public personally.

5. Communicate With Citizens

Citizen engagement in the community is important if an issue needs to be heard or be made aware of. While town halls and public events are notoriously not very well attended, video conferencing can help to bring those numbers up. Citizens can dial-in (from anywhere, using a toll-free international dial-in number) and view what’s happening. They can participate by asking questions via chat, unmuting and raising a hand, or being a guest speaker, depending on the size of the gathering. Video conferencing helps give a voice to the people who want to speak, regardless of where they are geographically located.

man-in-black-holding-phone4. Collaboration Made Easy

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for community offerings and programs or working together as a team coming up with a contingency plan, collaborating on the fly is mandatory at times. An effective communication system like an easy-to-use, on-demand video conferencing platform, makes joining forces simpler and more enriched. As long as there is an internet connection, participants from different regions, countries, and offices can touch base “locally” in an online meeting room that brings everyone together.

3. Meetings On The Go

Important meetings don’t have to be delayed or rescheduled because of travel time or sudden last minute changes to a department head’s schedule. Video conferencing allows more mobility and flexibility for the government when it comes to geographical distance or conflicting schedules. And if a key player can’t make the video conference? Recording and watching later is the second best option.

2. On-Demand Public Safety Communications

Video communications opens up a direct line of contact in an emergency situation. Teams can improve emergency response times and assess what emergency management needs to be taken into account in the event of a crisis where citizens are in danger. This is an effective form of communication for training purposes and if an emergency arises in a remote location.

1. Inter-Departmental Harmony

Faster decision making using fewer resources helps to make the workplace run more smoothly. Better collaboration has only been made possible thanks to video conferencing, making every project more visible or better delegated amongst workers and associates.

Let Callbridge’s two way video conferencing platform reinforce the workflow between government offices while reducing overall costs of operation. Its easy-to-use, zero download browser based software is fast, reliable and connects you around the world – or just between offices. With collaboration features like document sharing, and screen sharing, work can get done more expediently.

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