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How To Prepare For A Sales Demo

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Straightforward view of opened laptop screen showing 12 thumbnail views of people using Callbridge in Gallery View with two hands typingPreparing for a virtual sales demo requires forethought and practice. If you want to close a sale, you have to know how to put yourself in the shoes of your potential client. Knowing how to speak their language, solve their problems and earn their trust will pave the way for you to win them over.

Moreover, If you’re looking for surefire ways to prepare for an online sales demo as a sales manager or business developer, or you work in corporate sales, this too can benefit you.

Here are a few initial steps to set you up for success. Long before you’ve even started putting together your messaging and delivery, consider the following:

1. Know Who Your Prospect Is

Just when you think you know who you’re talking to, do a bit more digging. Three things to look out for:

  1. Is your prospect actually interested in purchasing your product or service? Are they a warm or cold lead? How do you know they might want what you have?
  2. Do you know what their budget is?
  3. Is the individual/group you’re presenting to responsible for making the final decision? Who do you need to be speaking to directly?

Determine the angle of your online sales demo by figuring out if your prospect wants more information, will be making a decision or will be informing others on their team. Knowing where your prospect is in the buying process will give you a better idea of how to sell.

2. Understand Your Prospect’s Needs And Timeline

View looking down on a man sitting comfortably in bean bag chair, typing and engaging with laptopTiming is everything. Knowing what your potential client needs and speaking to that need saves everyone’s time and prevents you from having to reinvent the wheel. From there, you can gain insight into whether or not they’re ready for a sales demo. Is the potential client ready to be sold to? How warm is the lead, actually? Do your best to judge whether they want to be sold to, otherwise your sales demo could fall short.

Now that you’ve painted a picture of your client and you have a better overall understanding of who they are and what they want, it’s time to design an online presentation that hits a homerun. Here are a few main action points for your putting your online presentation together perfectly for the web:

1. Tailor Your Sales Demo

What you’re presenting will have to change and adapt according to your audience and their needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Once you know what your potential client wants, you can shape and mold what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. Make sure to include features and benefits that directly affect who you’re speaking to.

2. Research Some More

Avoid making a potentially embarrassing mistake by making yourself familiar with the details of the company you’re appealing to. Learn the names and specific roles of the individuals in the company. Will the product or service be used internally or publicly? How big is the company? What are their values, missions, goals, target markets, history, long and short-term objectives? Using this information will help you to customize your demo, so you can showcase your offering through the lens of exactly what applies to them. By speaking directly to the individuals and their unique problems, you can stand out and be memorable.

3. Set Reminders

View of woman seated on bench outside beside open laptop showing a presentation with charts and graphs, while jotting down notes in notebookForgetting an important time and date is the last thing you want to happen. Using an easy but very effective feature like Invites and Reminders lets you set it and forget it. Plus, it reminds your potential client too. Need to make a change to the time and date? Simply access the meeting details through your email and automatically send out the updated info. Furthermore, the feature sends out a reminder the day before, helping to increase overall participant attendance.

4. Prepare In Advance And Right Before

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Leading up to the event, go over your presentation in advance in front of a mirror or with a colleague on your team. Knowing where to pause and ask questions will help you with pacing and getting your message across loud and clear. Adjust the speed of your delivery and make sure to enunciate. Enunciation, projection and body language are extra important to be aware of in a digital space, especially since you want to be heard and seen clearly, all in one go.

Right before your event, ensure your presentation space is organized, tabs are closed, your desktop is tidy and your notes aren’t visible. Log out of anything that could be distracting and turn off all notifications on all your devices.

Pro-tip: Run through all your technology beforehand – your speakers, mic, screen, internet connection – everything! You want to have the smoothest experience possible for your team and for your future client.

5. Show Them What You Got

Now is the time to shine. Bring everything you’ve got to the table, including your charm, expert knowledge and curated information for their understanding. Delivery is key here, so have fun! Know your technology and use it to your advantage. Try Screen Sharing for fast and easy navigation or the swapping of desktops. Use the Online Whiteboard to bring bigger, more creative concepts to life. Incorporate Breakout Rooms for smaller group connections that facilitate focused conversations.

Experience how video conferencing activates your online sales demonstration to be more engaging, dynamic and polished. Whatever you can do in person, you adapt it to work in an online setting.

Let Callbridge’s video conferencing platform expertly assist you in preparing and presenting your remote sales demo. Add a sophisticated level of interaction, and collaboration to a well-planned online meeting, webinar, presentation and more. Experience what it’s like to connect with prospects in an online space using high end features to perfectly explain details and get your message across.

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