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The Best Amazon Chime Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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Collaborating as a work team online is closer to the norm instead of the exception. With teams spending less time at the office and more time at home, every individual needs to be able to connect quickly, and effectively regardless of location. Now that larger parts of the workforce have had experience conducting business remotely using video conferencing software like Amazon Chime, it’s become clear that web conferencing is the lifeline for staying in touch to get work done.

When technology is streamlined and easy to use, team members become more invested and less frazzled. Being able to join meetings on the fly, clearly see who’s who in a sync, and use features to enhance the meeting experience are all part of an exceptional group communication software system that cultivates a seamless work environment. But not all platforms are built alike.

If you’re looking for an Amazon Chime alternative that empowers the backend of your business by aligning the team to bring everyone on the same page of any presentation, brainstorm, status meeting, and more, then there’s one big question you should be asking yourself:

Is Amazon Chime the best choice for your conferencing needs?

Amazon, the multinational technology company that focuses on more than one thing including e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and more, is a tech giant. They know what they’re doing but how can anyone expect them to specialize in one domain? They don’t, and therefore knowing how much time and energy goes into their video chat product isn’t clear.

Being able to rely on video conferencing isn’t a big ask. In fact, it should be a given considering how heavily used online communication is. Amazon Chime has been known to come with complicated pricing features, poor customer service, a hard-to-use interface, and plenty of required updates! It has very basic offerings that are simple and not very inspiring.

To keep the flow of business abundant and thriving, online communication has to be engaging and interactive. Providing the bare minimum doesn’t exactly get you to the top-of-mind awareness of the customers you seek. While Amazon certainly has other exceptional services and products, when it comes to a video conferencing solution that can offer a straightforward pricing structure, excellent tech support, intuitive user features, and more, it’s time to consider another option.

Enter Callbridge: The Best Amazon Chime Alternative

Your business relies on its people. Without the digital tools that empower your team to connect and share and work together collaboratively, your employees can’t work to their full potential. Intuitive,
easy-to-set-up-and-use video conferencing software makes the job more enjoyable when their output instantly becomes less stressful and more streamlined.

Callbridge is the expert video conferencing service you can trust to keep you connected safely and securely. With its sophisticated, intelligently designed platform, Callbridge works to enhance online communication across multiple industries to increase engagement, participation, retain employees and attract customers. High-quality audio and video capabilities using cutting-edge cloud-based technology are transmitted safely and privately with proven security features including 128-bit encryption and more.

Take a look at the capabilities of Callbridge versus Amazon Chime:


CallbridgeAmazon Chime
Deluxe PlanPro Plan

Absolute Availability

Meeting Participants100100
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Unlimited Usage On Worldwide Dial-In Numbers
Premium & Toll-Free (800) NumbersPay As You Go $
Mobile Apps

High-Caliber Availability

Conference Summaries & Search
Audio & Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing
Meeting Chat
Live Video Streaming (YouTube)
Online Whiteboard
Moderator Controls
Sentiment Analysis

Branding & Personalization

Branded Online Meeting Room
Branded Subdomain
Custom Branding (Logo, Colors, Theme)
Personalized Greeting

Serious Security

Security Code
Meeting Lock
One-Time Access Code

Additional Features

Admin Console
SMS Notifications
PIN-less Entry
Recording Storage5Gb
Support levelPhone/
Price Per Month Per Host (for feature match)$29.99$3 per user per day up to $15 per user per month

What makes Callbridge the best Amazon Chime alternative in 2021?

Callbridge specializes in providing an award-winning high-caliber video conferencing and conference calling solution. With its focus solely on group communication software, Callbridge has one and only exceptional product.

A User Friendly, Easy-To-Navigate Solution To Enhance Participation:
Features like Screen Sharing, Document Sharing, and Online Whiteboard allow for more creative and interactive presentations.
Text Chat provides an opportunity to start a conversation on the side with one participant or many without interrupting the webinar.
Use Speaker Spotlight and Gallery View to zone in on one speaker or see all participants for a different perspective that feels almost life-like!

Callbridge’s Technology Increases Engagement

Use different features to empower your online meeting, presentation, demonstration and more:

YouTube Streaming: Expand your reach and increase your brand awareness to an infinite audience when you can stream live through a YouTube URL, publicly or privately.

Video Recording: Experience ultimate productivity when you can record a meeting or session now to watch later. Perfect for colleagues who can’t attend or for future training purposes.

Extra Security Features: Feel confident knowing your sensitive information is protected with additional security measures. Add a Security Code on top of your One-Time Access Code and Meeting Lock for an extra layer or two of protection.

As the best Amazon Chime alternative, Callbridge lets you enjoy the same features and MORE:

Callbridge Does One Thing And Does It Really Well

Something to keep in mind about Amazon Chime; The tech behemoth has its hands in a lot of different projects across many different industries and technologies. How much time and energy is really going into perfecting their conferencing software? Callbridge comes loaded with unique flagship features so you and your business feel well-taken care of:

AI Transcriptions

Let Cue™, Callbridge’s signature AI-powered transcription feature, keep track of what’s transpiring in the background while you focus and take charge of what’s happening up front. Cue™ automatically transcribes your recorded meetings using date stamps, auto tags and more so no piece of information gets left behind.

Conference Summaries and Search

Enjoy a post-meeting package of all your transcriptions, notes, and text chat, conveniently located and stored in the cloud. Searching and sharing files with your team is convenient and readily accessible.

Customized Branding and Personal Greeting

Personalize your online meeting environment so participants can immediately recognize and trust you. Customize different touchpoints, create your very own audio greeting and add your color scheme and logos to the user interface.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Amazon Chime that makes participants feel seen and heard with a product that focuses on video conferencing solutions rather than providing them as an afterthought; If you want to generate more collaboration and engagement with a suite of high-end features; If you want user-friendly, well-designed technology for meetings that are pain-free, enjoyable and productive – the answer is crystal clear.

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