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The Best UberConference Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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The workforce is adapting to a changing method of “getting work done” as out-of-office collaboration, online presentations, and virtual meetings take precedence over real-life interactions.

Freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote workers know how this works all too well, and have been using video conferencing solutions like UberConference for quite some time. But for start-ups and small businesses, this shift might come with growing pains and uncertainty about which platform to trust. When the future of business relies on operating outside of the office, now is the time to make the move towards gaining more online presence with a video conferencing solution that supports growth.

Embracing a video-centric approach to conducting business, gaining clients, and helping to serve customers doesn’t have to feel like a burden. In fact, you can lighten the load and increase the success of your venture by choosing a video and voice platform that does all the communication heavy lifting for you.

Are you at the point where you need to rethink, and refresh your business strategy to accommodate a shifting economic landscape? Are you curious to take your online business idea and nurture it so it scales? If you want to use an alternative to UberConference to align your focus and turn these strange times into an opportunity for renewal, then there’s an important question you should be asking yourself:

Is UberConference The Best Choice For My Online Business Conferencing Needs?

To make the move and integrate your business with video and voice calling, consider what your clients, customers, and prospects are looking for. Do they seek IT support? One-on-one interactions? Better E-commerce capabilities? Direct access to support staff, professionals, colleagues, social contacts? Across a multitude of industries, video conferencing works behind the scenes to strengthen your working relationships and solidify your business objectives through direct communication that instills trust and integrity.

But what if something goes wrong? As a small business owner or individual who is fully self-sustainable, if support is needed for a technical problem, UberConference comes only with email support. As a result, receiving valuable feedback and critical information can be the difference between a delay that lasts an hour or a business day.

When customer service isn’t at the forefront of a company’s video conferencing product, it can create a rift of trust. Who wants to rely on a product that lacks customer support? When complaints go unanswered, tickets are left unopened and the Better Business Bureau gives UberConference a low rating, it’s time to look up other options.

Enter Callbridge: The Best UberConference Alternative

Enjoy first-class audio, video, and web conferencing that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world meetings, perfect for professional and personal use, from office to home and across industries.

Whether your business is thriving and looking to scale, or just making the move online, Callbridge comes with all the bells and whistles to provide your company with fast, easy, and absolute availability. Both sides of the conversation gain access to top-rated privacy and security features and reliable high-definition audio and video capabilities.

What Makes Callbridge The Best UberConference Alternative In 2021?

Callbridge’s award-winning communication platform caters to remote workers, consultants, freelancers, and other small to medium online entrepreneurs. With high-end security and features that spark collaboration and engagement, Callbridge is the preferred choice amongst small online business owners.

Plus, Callbridge comes with excellent customer service, online tools, and a customer portal for optimal online support, troubleshooting, and presence. You don’t need to worry about logistics when you have help available at your fingertips.

Easy Access To Customer Support Means:
Less stress
Time and money saved
Pain-free hosting, administration, and billing
Knowledge and resources are just a few clicks away

Callbridge Shapes How Your Online Business Grows

Callbridge’s platform can seamlessly fit into your current app with its customizable video conferencing API integration capabilities. Furthermore, Callbridge comes loaded with features, digital tools, and integrations to truly make your online business shine.

High-Quality Video Chat
Trust clear and effective video conferencing that comes through in high definition for meetings and online syncs from any device, anywhere. Available in 1080p. No software download required.
Exceptionally Crisp Audio
Expect crisp-sounding audio with every conference call and video chat. Plus, with professional toll-free numbers in dozens of countries, you can rely on dial-in numbers to save you time, money, and hassle.

Experience optimized functionality by leveraging the use of integrations to include Outlook, Google, Slack, and SIP compatibility, or a full-on customized video conferencing API that fits into your already-existing app.

As The Best UberConference Alternative, Callbridge Lets You Enjoy The Same Features:

Callbridge Can Be Integrated Into Your Online Business To:

Retain Customers

Keep the lines of communication open when customers can reach out to you with their comments, questions, and concerns. Stay on top of what they want and need when your brand becomes more forward-facing with a video-centric approach to business.

Attract Prospects

Open up your market to reach a more diverse audience using recorded video content and establishing more online presence with YouTube Live Streaming. Remain accessible and supportive with an intuitive user interface and easy, zero-download technology.

Give You Flexibility And Freedom

Even on the go, you can trust Callbridge to keep you connected while keeping data and information private and secure. Live your life and run your business simultaneously with peace of mind.

If you’re seeking an alternative to UberConference that is sophisticated, reliable, offers a suite of high-end features and dependable customer support; If you want to set the foundation for an online business that has a high ROI and bridges client relationships; If you want exceptional group communication technology that facilitates better internal communication – the answer is crystal clear.

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