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The Best GoToMeeting Alternative in 2021: Callbridge

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Video conferencing for business is a must-have. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that intelligent online collaboration requires effective group communication technology to get the job done.

Being able to connect to offices overseas, work on projects with remote colleagues and gain the trust of international clients and talent all rely on the capabilities provided by the video conferencing software you choose to implement.

If you’re looking for a GoToMeeting alternative that keeps up with the growing demand of a remote workforce, that empowers cooperation, encourages teamwork, and helps create a nurturing, professional online environment for all employees near and far, then there’s one big question you should be asking yourself:

Is GoToMeeting the best choice for your conferencing needs?

When it comes to providing your small, mid, or enterprise business the video conferencing solution that directly links you to your client, as well as internally amongst colleagues and management, you’re going to want to rely on a solution that allows you to work from anywhere.

Uninterrupted access that keeps everyone connected and working in tandem regardless of time and location is essential. A thriving company is only as good as its ability to stay in contact with each other, but what else strengthens the integrity of a business?

Consider how your brand will come across to others. GoToMeeting lacks a focus on white-label options and brandings like offering a unique URL, bespoke branding (your logo, colors, and themes), personalized greetings and custom hold music.

How does GoToMeeting work to set your business apart from the rest? What features does it come with to help your business shine and make a good first impression? Furthermore, what about the cost? When you calculate the cost on a feature-matched, price per month per host comparison, GoToMeeting ranks high at $64 per month!

Enter Callbridge: The Best GoToMeeting Alternative

Callbridge comes with exceptional quality across a robust platform. High-definition audio, video, and web conferencing solutions for any size business are the norm. With its easy-to-use, intelligently designed, and intuitive user interface, plus a wide variety of features and competitive pricing plan, you can feel confident knowing the way you communicate is reliable and caters to all your professional needs.

You can run your business from anywhere, overseeing, managing, and supervising a remote team. Appeal to overseas clients, connect with out-of-country talent, and conduct meetings with C-Level execs from wherever you are at any time using state-of-the-art technology that puts your brand forward. Know that your privacy and data are safely transmitted and stored using 128-bit encryption and safeguarded with secure cloud storage.

Take a look at the capabilities of Callbridge versus GoToMeeting:


Deluxe PlanPro Plan

Absolute Availability

Meeting Participants100150
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Unlimited Usage On Worldwide Dial-In Numbers
Premium & Toll-Free (800) Numbers
Mobile Apps

High-Caliber Productivity

Conference Summaries & Search
Audio & Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing
Meeting Chat
Live Video Streaming (YouTube)
Online Whiteboard
Moderator Controls
Sentiment Analysis

Branding & Personalization

Branded Online Meeting Room
Branded Subdomain
Custom Branding (Logo, Colors, Theme)
Personalized Greeting

Serious Security

Security Code
Meeting Lock
One-Time Access Code

Additional Features

Admin Console
SMS Notifications
PIN-less Entry
Recording Storage5Gb
Support levelPhone/
Price Per Month Per Host (for feature match)$29.99$64/month
*$14.00/month for plan and $50/month for Toll Free Numbers

What makes Callbridge the best GoToMeeting alternative in 2021?

Callbridge is the award-winning two-way communication platform that comes with personalization and branding features at the right price. It’s your brand showcased the way you want.

  • Putting Your Brand Forward Pays Off:
    With multiple ways to customize and personalize, your branding comes in loud and clear for clients to see and trust.
  • Create a tight-knit workforce across an international network with technology that strengthens the lines of communication and is instantly recognizable with your branding.
  • The price is right. For $29.99 a month (deluxe + toll-free numbers), your plan includes all of the extras, no contracts, no time limits, and cancel at any time.

Features That Empower Remote Work Include:

Screen Sharing: Bring everyone onto your screen so they can see what you’re seeing as you lead them through a remote sales presentation.

AI-Transcription: Use AI-powered capabilities and transcription for capturing date stamps, auto tags, and recurring words and themes throughout your online meeting.

Meeting Recording: Catch every comment, idea, and insight when you can record now and watch later on your own schedule.

Callbridge’s video conferencing platform supports video collaboration on any device. Enjoy further enhancements alongside high definition audio and 1080p video resolution delivered in real-time – disruption and lag-free.

Meeting Security
Feel safe and secure in an online meeting discussing sensitive information with features like Meeting Lock, One-Time Access Code, and Security Code for ultimate protection.

Get the most out of your online meetings when you can integrate with other digital tools like Slack, Google Outlook and more, for optimal performance.

Invitations and Reminders
Send out invites and reminders seamlessly and automatically from your Address Book so everyone stays informed and attendance is maximized.

As the best GoToMeeting alternative, Callbridge lets you enjoy the same features and MORE:

Callbridge Empowers Remote Communication At A Low Cost:

Remote Workers

Bridge the time and space gap between offices, individual team members, and teams when you can stay connected. Near and far, your time zone and their time zone, it doesn’t matter. Find the best pricing plan that promotes high-caliber productivity for your business with Callbridge-specific features: AI-Transcriptions, Conference Summaries and Search, Audio and Video Recording, and more.


Make a lasting impression when you’re appealing to new talent. Callbridge makes you appear more professional with branding and personalization features to help you stand out. With a branded subdomain, custom branding, and a personalized greeting, HR can broaden the hiring pool with precision and ease.


Expand your network, pitch to donors with confidence, lift projects off the ground, and strategize fundraising with absolute availability from Callbridge. Meet participants via web conferencing, unlimited usage on worldwide dial-in numbers, and through the use of the mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

If you’re searching for an alternative to GoToMeeting that is safe, secure, reliable, and works hard behind the scenes so you can show up on the scene on screen looking and sounding your best; if you want a group communication solution that is cost-effective and is abundant with high-end digital features, and client support – the answer is crystal clear.

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